CODEX (eng)


Two ways of looking at contemporary forms of publishing in art and design, by Hypertexte and Manystuff

Weekend of 16/17 October 2010

Many artistically independent and financially autonomous editorial structures renew the forms, the formats and the modes of addressing and distributing the printed object. This “scene” develops under the impetuous of passionate artists, graphic designers, authors, publishers and distributors working together on unique projects with the aim of giving substance to ideas and gestures on paper. In a context where the printed paper form is in decline and the “all-digital” world is in effervescence, they invite us to seek out, look at, touch, explore and love these live objects which link spaces, languages and experiences together. Codex is an exhibition project for these printed forms; a nature park for these stories right at the edge of the volcano.

A proposal by Béatrice Méline (Hypertexte) and Charlotte Cheetham (Manystuff) as part of “On n’enchaîne pas les volcans”, a Pavillon Project and Point De Fuite project for the Printemps de Septembre in Toulouse. This exhibition of audacious editorial projects - from Toulouse, France and abroad - is backed up by a programme and meetings with editorial actors from Toulouse addressing the challenges of these new projects in the field of publishing in art and design.